Evelyn Foster

Smooth Move Scotland Ltd

Evelyn Foster | Smooth Move Scotland Ltd

BNI has helped both me and my business grow

I was invited to attend BNI as a visitor nearly 2 years ago but the timing wasn’t right for me. I was then asked again in May of 2018 when embarking on my new business venture and decided to go for it, joining after my first meeting as I could see the dynamics in the room and felt sure it would work for me. For me it was either to spend the money on advertising or invest in BNI and advertise my business through the 36 people in the chapter. I am very happy I chose the latter. After only 3 months in the group I am already receiving referrals of significant value to my business and I believe that this is because I have quickly gained the trust of the other members but more importantly from day 1 have embraced the BNI givers gain mentality which is crucial in the success of it. I look forward to the meeting every week even with the early start and most definitely have benefitted from the many one to ones I have had with successful business people who I would not have had the opportunity to network with. So far I believe it’s the best investment I have made in my business and I look forward to developing many long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships over the coming years.


David Walker

DSW Finance Ltd

David Walker | DSW Finance Ltd

Quite simply I cannot afford NOT to go to BNI

I was invited to attend BNI as a visitor in May of 1999. I had no idea at the time what a profound effect this organisation would have on not just my business life but my personal one too. I joined the month after and have been a member now of BNI now for just over 19 years. Quite simply, if it didn’t work for me then I wouldn’t attend. After 1 year I appraised my business received which did not really amount to much but the best business decision I ever made was to sign up again for another year when my relationships and trust really started to blossom and my ability to pass business grew exponentially and that in turn led to me receiving far more business because of following the BNI mantra of “givers gain”. The best compliment I can pay BNI is that is has helped me become a more confident public speaker, has seen my business grow dramatically over the years since I first joined and really committed to it, but more than that I have met some fantastic people who continue to support me both professionally and personally and some I would class as really good friends.


Sylwia Kolodzinska

Bright Cleaning Services

Sylwia Kolodzinska | Bright Cleaning Services

Since I first walked in to the BNI meeting I knew straight away that is the right place for me. The positive vibe in the room, extremely welcoming people, professional structure and loads of business opportunities. I decided to join in, because I saw business potential to grow and to make friends at the same time.


Nick Smith

Square Pegs Coaching

Nick Smith | Square Pegs Coaching

The most productive networking I’ve engaged in

Nexus provides me with a room full of ‘colleagues’; a team of trustworthy people who are dedicated  to providing me with a flow of new prospects, already interested in my services. I have been a member for 18 months and in that time I have seen referrals grow steadily with the potential of even more to come. As we have grown to know and trust each other, I have reaped the benefits from new leads and referrals. My family and friends have also seen benefit though, since I now have a trusted list of business people I can refer on to fulfil their needs too.


Douglas Harvey

Harvey Lets

Douglas Harvey | Harvey Lets

BNI is great – an essential part of HarveyLets growth strategy

Networking is not something I have set much store with having been to several meetings which meant handing out business cards. However, BNI Nexus changed all that and it is the only formal networking I do on behalf of HarveyLets. At my very first meeting as a visitor to the Nexus chapter I was amazed at the number of referrals being passed between members and their commitment to generating income for each other. It is a structured but friendly and a great way to spread the word about what your company does and how it can add value for their clients. I have been a member for 18 months and have seen an increase in properties coming under management. Going forward, I anticipate this will only increase and I have no hesitation in recommending Nexus to others who aspire to grow their businesses.


Shona Duff

Inspired Performance Solutions Ltd

Shona Duff | Inspired Performance Solutions Ltd

If business longevity is the aim? BNI Nexus is the name of the game.

Nexus stands out for me as a BNI Chapter for a couple of reasons. The amount of business that is passed between members and the longevity of members. There are members that have been in the group for up to 16 years and have built their businesses on BNI, they get the importance of networking, building relationships, building trust and givers gain. This is where an incredible opportunity and commitment can create a strong business for the future, as well friendships that last for a lifetime.


Alan Mackie

Campbell Mackie Limited

Alan Mackie | Campbell Mackie Limited

The most successful form of business marketing I've ever done

Clients often ask me how I have the energy and desire to attend Nexus every Friday morning at 6.30am, when I already have a well-established and successful business. Until someone can experience the benefits of having a room full of business people actively looking for business leads for you, they cannot really understand the concept. Like minded people who are passionate about their own business have a habit of generating a very positive environment where they are able to introduce you to their own business connections looking for the services you offer. If you share the same passion about your business or service then it’s the easiest thing in the world to actively look for business referrals to pass to your BNI colleagues and get up to go to a meeting where there is a chance that you may get the best referral of your business life.


Angela Andrews

Arrow Corporate Promotions

Angela Andrews | Arrow Corporate Promotions

Being a member of BNI has been the catalyst for expanding my business.

I joined BNI in 2008 after attending a visitor day and since then, I have never looked back. BNI has surrounded me with quality business people with positive attitudes that go above and beyond to promote each other’s businesses. Not only have I acquired my largest client to date through a BNI referral, but I changed my business development strategy after advice from members, leading to further growth and greater stability. Additionally, I have built a number of friendships with people who I can trust and seek advice from as and when required. It is great to see all the businesses around you thriving after receiving quality referrals from the group. Joining BNI has been one of my best business decisions. I look forward to our regular meetings and continue to benefit from being a member of such a buoyant and energetic group.


Mike Stark

RPL Media

Mike Stark | RPL Media

BNI is more than a networking group - its a vital part of my business

I’ve been a member of BNI for almost as long as I’ve been in business. Not only has BNI brought me referrals which has led to amazing projects, but it has been vital in guiding me through the murky waters of business life. I have formed some amazing friendships along the way, and have trusted companies for almost any requirement for myself, friends, family and contacts.. Quite simply BNI is an essential part of my business, and I can’t really imagine never being a part of it. Nexus truly is unique and always a pleasure to attend – if you haven’t been, I strongly suggest you visit before someone else does!


Fraser Duff

Alexander Fraser Photography

Fraser Duff | Alexander Fraser Photography

BNI works; it’s as simple as that

There is no doubt that I found the BNI experience daunting to begin with and it took me a little while to settle in, but I think that’s part of the beauty of BNI; it can push you beyond your boundaries. The experience of the regular meetings, plus the training events, help immensely with personal development and, to me, this part of the BNI journey is every bit as important as the huge business advantages to be gained through referral networking. Make no mistake, you have to work to make the best of BNI, but the rewards are worth it in terms of personal confidence, business development and the friendships to be made as a member. I’ve been a member of BNI Nexus for approaching 8 years for a reason; without it, both myself and my business would be less than they are. BNI and referral networking work, it’s as simple as that.


Jay Duncan

The Choke Folk

Jay Duncan | The Choke Folk

BNI and Nexus have been integral in growing and developing our family business

Choosing to apply for membership of Nexus was one of the best decisions we have made for our family, contracting company. The opportunity to share ideas, potential opportunities and to tap into an extensive pool of knowledge and expertise of fellow members has had a considerable effect in developing me as a business owner and in growing our business in a most cost efficient, enjoyable and productive way through referrals and leads. There is a focused approach on finding and sharing business opportunities with fellow members, however this comes with the responsibility to maintain an excellent level of service and to meet and exceed customer expectations, something that is consistent with our own company ethos. The new opportunities Nexus have provided aswell as the ongoing support from fellow members gives me great confidence that our company can continue to enjoy the upward trajectory we have experiences since joining the group.


Bryan Wood

Accountants Plus

Bryan Wood | Accountants Plus

BNI is networking on a superior level

In your business journey you can pin point decisions you undertook which have moulded how your business has developed today. For me late December 2006 was one such defining moment as this was when I attended my first ever BNI meeting. Immediately seeing the potential of this structured business networking approach, I applied to join BNI In January 2007 and have never looked back. Today 20% of my practice income can be attributed directly to my BNI activities which equates to annual Fees of over 100K per annum and this increases year on year The BNI system has been devised and honed over the years and it really does work. You only have to work the system! While the BNI Nexus chapter is extremely fruitful for business its greatest assets is it’s people. I have built many friendships over the years which make attending BNI meetings one of the highlights of my business week. If you are serious about your business be serious about BNI Nexus


Andy Hart

Soapbox Digital

Andy Hart | Soapbox Digital

BNI has created business connections that have evolved into lasting friendships

Since joining BNI Nexus in 2005 I have been amazed at not only the business i have received but also the business connections, and friends I have made. It would probably seem far fetched to some to hear that I consider many in the room great friends but as just one example I have been on holiday with two separate people that have over the last decade become great friends. The business that passes through this closeness is fantastic and we have all become each others first port of call for advice, business and support.


Jonathan Green

Wilson Green & Morrison

Jonathan Green | Wilson Green & Morrison

If I have one regret about BNI it is that I never had the foresight to join Nexus earlier in my career

I attended my first meeting of Nexus almost 10 years having been invited by an acquaintance. I expected that it would be like the other networking groups I had the previously visited; but I was mistaken As soon as I entered the room I knew that this was something different. The room and the members were welcoming, there was a buzz in the air and it soon became apparent that real business was being passed between the members by the bucket load. I was delighted when my application to join was passed by the Committee and I was welcomed into the room as part of the BNI Nexus family. Nexus has allowed me to expand and build my business. I have forged both business contacts as well as acquiring some very good friends along the way. I suppose that if I have one regret about BNI, it is that I never had the foresight to join earlier in my career.


David Smith

Ardent Decorating

David Smith | Ardent Decorating

BNI work’s for you, when you work for It!

I took the opportunity to come along to a Bni meeting after being invited in autumn 2013. After that initial meeting I didn’t hesitate to join and do not regret this decision as my business has grown from strength to strength due to the relationships i have developed over the past 5 years. As a member you will quickly realise the key opinion leaders in your chapter and how they will work for you. Not only has the BNI Nexus helped grow my business, it has also help me as an individual become more confident in customer facing situations be they smaller private jobs or large corporate contracts. The BNI has helped me develop my business by introducing me to different marketing strategies. I have taken many BNI course opportunities where I have gained confidence both personally and professionally. These elements of the BNI undoubtedly have changed my perception of running a business and year on year I reach new heights still looking to the future knowing there is no ceiling for me.


George Skinner

Spacesix Architects

George Skinner | Spacesix Architects

BNI is a place where smart business people meet with opportunity

I joined BNI in February 2009. I was under no illusion and fully understood that BNI is not a get rich quick scheme. However, I loved the concept of working together and helping each other succeed. The first couple of years were spent getting to know the other members and building trust. My first big opportunity came late in 2011. This referral has been the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has the business that this opportunity brought been incredible, but it also elevated my business to the upper tiers of the market place. Abraham Hicks once said “the better it gets, the better it gets” This is absolutely true in my business and it all started with BNI.


Douglas Turner

Transform Tiling

Douglas Turner | Transform Tiling

BNI is a great way to develop your business and yourself

I have been to many networking events but when i went to BNI Nexus, there was a different feel to it. From the moment I walked in, everyone was interested in my business. I understood very quickly that the other members really wanted to help you get that dream referral. Its important to build trust with other members and the weekly breakfast meeting means you have regular contact. Nights out are also a great way to know people in a less formal setting. If you put in the effort this is a fantastic way to grow your business. Nexus has close to 40 members with a great range of skills and expertise. We are all in the room to make more money and its great to have these people as my sales team.


Rebecca Silva

Smart PA

Rebecca Silva | Smart PA

Nexus has provided a platform of growth for my business

I was initially attracted to Nexus as a result of the well organised and structured format to the meeting. During my visit to the Chapter I was impressed by the concise manner in which the committee chaired the meeting and members cooperated to keep a natural flow to proceedings. There is a contagious positive energy when Nexus meet each week resulting in a productive outcome that is unrivalled to any other networking I’ve experienced. On a personal level, I’ve developed solid working relationships with a diverse group of fellow members who are a genuine source of support for the growth of my business. I’d thoroughly recommend Nexus to anybody serious about growing and sustaining their business.


Stephen Murphy

Sixth Sense Training

Stephen Murphy | Sixth Sense Training

BNI has helped our business to grow through the successful relationships we have cultivated

Our business has experimented with a range of networking events in the past with limited success. Often promises of potential leads never materialised and the relationship faded with contacts going quiet after a short period of time. However, with BNI I was able to see successful deals being made each week which firmed up my belief in the system and persevere in building relationships and trying to generate referrals. After a short period of time, following the process and meeting some members one on one I achieved some successful outcomes for our business that more that have made the investment in BNI well worth it. Having the connections actively looking for referrals within their own network and doing the same for them can lead to some excellent contacts and great deals being made. This is my first year as a member but it certainly won’t be my last.


David Howat

Forward Asset Finance Ltd

David Howat | Forward Asset Finance Ltd

BNI stands head and shoulders above any other networking event that I have ever been part of

I joined BNI 8 years ago originally not at NEXUS Chapter but a chapter where I neither conducted business within that area nor did I live in the area. This was critical to my lack of success within my first year and I realised that I could not truly practice givers gain if I couldn’t give back to my fellow members. On moving to NEXUS I was able to pass business both personally and pass referrals onto others within my business sector. So I think its important you find a Chapter that provides you with a fit. NEXUS is by far the most vibrant business networking group in Glasgow and combines business and cheeky Glasgow Banter not the worst combination on a Friday morning.


Emma Higgins


Emma Higgins | Employeasily

BNI – help others achieve their goals and you will achieve yours!

I joined BNI Nexus a year ago and chose to renew my membership this month because I have been extremely impressed with the friendliness of its members and how supportive they are of each other. As a business development manager, I attend a variety of different networking events, but BNI is definitely my favourite. It is the only meeting that comes with structure and emphasis on the importance of growing relationships and helping other members; through recommending their services to your contacts and exchanging advice. There is a great breakfast at Nexus too – definitely worth dragging myself out of bed for!

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