About Nexus

About Nexus

Nexus has been running as a proactive business group for over ten years with the sole purpose of referring business to one another. The members are from all walks of business, and as you can see from the members’ page, there is real diversity in the room from trades to professional services. Nexus only accepts one person from each category; you block anyone else from the same profession from joining as soon as you become a member, eliminating competition.

There are a huge number of ways to meet other local business men and women through networking. However, Nexus is unique in its real and tangible focus on building your sales through introductions and connections. In short, everyone in the room is a part of your salesforce. For any company that employs salespeople, you will instantly see the value in having this large a group actively looking for opportunities for you, and as a sole trader, sharing being connected to so many people will help to take the pressure off of you.

Nexus About

Nexus meets once a week in Nuffield Health Fitness and wellbeing gym on Braidholm Road in Giffnock to have a hugely convenient breakfast meeting. Arriving at your office with business already on your sales board is a fantastic start to the day.

After a hearty cooked breakfast, with fresh fruit and great coffee, the group of 35 plus members sits to listen to each other’s requests for particular business and to pass on the referrals and connections from last week. The meetings are fresh, full of energy and put simply, an incredibly productive way to start your last working day of the week. Many visitors have even commented on the fact we haven’t got the “stuffy feeling” which is so common at other events and groups.

When you look at the members who are still in the room after 5, 10, or even 15 years, it is not hard to see why Nexus is an excellent fit for business growth. If it didn’t work so well, these members would have been on their way a long time ago.

Contact us today to see how you could be part of this phenomenal success that saw £2.9 million pounds passed between our members last year.


JOIN US FOR BREAKFAST - Nuffield Health Fitness Centre, 82 Braidholm Road, Giffnock, Glasgow, G46 6ED


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